October/November 2014 Newsflash: Math Matters

Oct 16, 2014
Now that you're starting to settle into your fall routine, it's time for that first report card! While this may seem like a stressful time at first, it can also be a very constructive period for you and your child. Here are a few strategies to help you make this the most productive report card season yet.

  • Get a sense of the big picture on the home front and at school. Have a conversation with your child about math regardless of the grade on the report card. You may discover that your high performer is bored and ready for additional challenges ... or that your struggling student desperately needs and wants help in order to make the grade! Have a good sit-down with your child's math teacher-maybe you'll learn something significant about your child's attitude in class that will surprise you! Finally, a Mathnasium assessment can be especially eye-opening. Every assessment-first time or otherwise-gives a comprehensive run-down of where each individual child stands with math. Give us a call or stop by the center; we're happy to review your child's progress in math, whether you're new to our center or a long-time Mathnasium Mathlete.
  • Take action! Use what you've learned and, together with your child, set reasonable goals that will lead to meaningful progress in math. Then, chart out a plan to help your child get started. Revisit current study habits, organization strategies, and your at-home study space-what needs to change? Research viable options that can help your child take his or her math skills to the next level (for instance, a school study group, or math games and puzzles you can play at home). Of course, whenever you need us, Mathnasium is here as a resource for all things math!
  • Breathe!Whether the report card brings good news or bad, this really is the perfect time this school year to make positive changes and turn situations around. Be positive-if you implement your action plan sooner rather than later, the report card situation may be more to your liking next time around. And remember: virtually any child can succeed in math-it's just a matter of teaching the way that makes sense to them. Best of luck to you and your child!




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