5 Advantages of Maths Tutoring

Feb 1, 2022

For many students learning mathematics is a challenging feat, which can seem daunting and overwhelming. Homework time can be an ongoing source of stress, frustration and conflict. An effective way to help tackle the challenge of improving and consolidating mathematical understanding is through engaging the services of a maths tutor. There are many benefits to undertaking maths tutoring but here are our top five for you to consider.

Individualised Help    

Studies show that personalised learning is more effective especially when it comes to maths. No matter how great a maths teacher is in the classroom, there are always students who need individualised help with specific maths concepts and schools often simply cannot provide this. Some students become bored and distracted because they aren’t being challenged in the classroom. One of the first steps to effectively helping your child is through a comprehensive  assessment which helps tutors to better understand individual ability, areas of strength and understanding and topics that need revision and improvement. Having individual tutors allows for the method in which maths is taught and the way concepts are explained to be revised and tailored depending on individual learning style. Tutoring at this personal level allows for immediate feedback on problems and misconceptions to be quickly rectified and helps build a greater depth of understanding.. One on one teaching allows for tailored content and presentation of concepts in a manner children understand to help them succeed.

Better confidence and self esteem

Maths tutoring provides additional support for students and allows for positive feedback and encouragement which can help dramatically boost a child’s confidence.. This increased sense of confidence allows students to more positively deal with challenges and address concepts that they find more difficult. By providing positive encouragement and feedback a healthy learning environment is created where students feel comfortable which makes it easier for them to focus and try their best. Experienced maths tutors help your child to grow in confidence and find rewards in the learning process.

Grades and test scores are improved

A crucial advantage of maths tutoring is the improvement of maths grades and achievements at school. Access to extra help and additional resources leads to a better overall foundational knowledge and understanding of topic areas that are challenging. With strong foundational knowledge and consistent practice, children can work through problems faster and simultaneously improve accuracy. With tutoring customised to meet learning styles, age and level of understanding, foundational skills and understanding are built and reinforced through practice, resulting in consistently improved test scores. 

Study skills are taught and developed

With an encouraging environment, students develop key study skills which aid not only in maths but all areas of life. Students are taught skills such as staying motivated, effective study methods, how to manage time effectively and structure of work. Tutors provide different learning methods which are more effective and techniques that help students to study more effectively and better understand content. A more positive learning attitude is developed which helps children to improve personal responsibility and makes for more effective learning.

Help your child to enjoy and find purpose in maths

The combination of individualised instruction and active encouragement transforms students who are hesitant about maths to students who are confident and find enjoyment in it. The Mathnasium Method helps children build their number sense to find a deep level of understanding in maths. This is done through a combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques. Through the Mathnasium Method children understand how to apply maths principles to written and numeric problems. At Mathnasium we make maths fun!

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