What Is Mathnasiums Free Assessment?

Jan 31, 2023 | Five Dock

Offered across each and every Australian Mathnasium Learning Centre, our FREE Assessment is the perfect way to start off the school year, a new term, or prior to test time. 

We offer this to each and every student that comes through our doors, with no commitment to sign up to join Mathnasium. This assessment is customised to your child’s age or skill level and will allow us, through a series of questions, to discern what your child is currently capable of, excelling in, and struggling with - topic by topic.

Not only will this provide you with a list of things that we may need to help your child grasp, but often uncovers some of the Number Sense skills that require us to go back to basics, and build a strong foundation of understanding with your child. We meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go. 

Our comprehensive assessment will also determine what they already understand well, so we never waste time going over concepts they’re fluent in. 

These assessments don’t just exist the first time you walk through the door, but remain a constant in our Mathnasium Method, so that you’re always aware of your child’s progress, and we make sure they’re retaining all the information and skills they’ve learnt on their journey to confidence in maths. 

Do you want to see where your child stands as we come into the 2023 school year? Contact your local Mathnasium Learning centre, today!