Mathnasium's Holiday Prep Guide: How to Keep Learning Engaging in November

Oct 25, 2023 | Hornsby

November marks the beginning of the holiday season in Australia, with summer just around the corner. While thoughts may turn to vacation and relaxation, it's essential to keep the learning momentum going, especially in maths. At Mathnasium, we've prepared a holiday prep guide to help students stay engaged and continue their maths journey throughout November. Let's explore how to make learning both fun and educational during this exciting time of the year.

1. Maths Games Galore:

Why not turn learning into a game? Mathnasium offers a variety of fun maths games that make practising maths skills enjoyable. From card games to maths puzzles, students can challenge themselves while having a great time.

2. Real-World Maths Challenges:

The holiday season is filled with opportunities to apply maths skills. From planning a family trip to managing a holiday budget, students can use maths in real-life scenarios. Encourage them to calculate expenses, make itineraries, or even plan recipes using their maths knowledge.

3. Maths in Nature:

Take the learning outdoors. A nature walk can turn into a maths adventure. Students can count the number of different birds, measure tree heights, or calculate the area of a park. Nature provides a rich source of maths problems waiting to be explored.

4. Online Maths Resources:

Mathnasium offers a range of online resources, including maths worksheets and interactive exercises. These materials are designed to cater to various skill levels and maths concepts. Students can access these resources anytime, anywhere.

5. Mathnasium @Home:

Don't forget our Mathnasium @Home program. With virtual instruction, students can continue their maths education from the comfort of their homes. Mathnasium instructors provide personalized support and guidance to help students excel.

6. Set Goals:

Goal-setting is a powerful motivator. Have students set achievable maths goals for the month. Whether it's mastering multiplication or improving problem-solving skills, these goals can drive them to stay on track.

7. Holiday-Themed Maths:

Get creative with holiday-themed maths activities. Students can calculate the number of lights on a holiday tree, work out holiday recipes, or even design geometric snowflakes. Making maths holiday-themed adds an extra layer of fun.

8. Family Involvement:

The holiday season is perfect for family bonding and learning. Involve the whole family in maths-related activities. Create friendly maths competitions or solve puzzles together. It's a great way to make learning a collaborative experience.


November is not just about gearing up for the holidays; it's also an opportunity to keep students engaged and excited about mathematics. Mathnasium's holiday prep guide provides a range of options to make learning enjoyable and meaningful.

With the right approach, students can embrace the spirit of the season while continuing to expand their maths skills. The holiday season can be a time of both relaxation and growth, and Mathnasium is here to make that possible.

For more insights into the world of mathematics and how Mathnasium can keep learning engaging, stay tuned to our blog.