Maths anxiety the unnecessary fear that can prevent your child achieving their full potential

Jul 8, 2022 | Upper Mount Gravatt

The only way to learn maths is to do maths. The only way to overcome maths anxiety is to face it - but be gentle. Your child needs to understand the basics first.


I know a very nice lady whose kids never had fish at home because she didn’t allow them. Why? When she was a kid herself, she had a bad experience when a fish bone stuck in her throat. But when her kids were teens and adults, naturally they wanted to eat fish – and every time they ate fish, their mom always (and I mean always!) warned them and reminded them of her traumatic experience.  

Another story. I joined a parenting Facebook group – One parent posted a pic of her with a t-shirt saying “5 out of 4 people are bad at maths” and other parents/members of the group laughed and were onboard that maths was hard. Hmm .. I understand where this “social attitude” came from .. but I hope you agree that that’s not a message that you want to transmit to your child?

Just like with any “unhealthy” anxiety i.e. a feeling of fear of something that is actually good for you (like fish or maths), you shouldn’t pass on that anxiety to your child. Research suggests that one of the most common reasons why a chid fails in maths is maths anxiety (the other one is dyscalculia). This is so unfortunate because actually about 80% of children with high maths anxiety have the potential to perform at average or above average level.   

A child showing signs of maths anxiety should not be ignored. Saying something like “it’s ok if you can't do maths, I was scared of it too” wouldn’t help. That is like saying that your child’s ability is set in stone and cannot be improved. Intervention as early as possible is important to reduce the long-term effects of maths anxiety. It is not exaggerating to say that feeling of being a failure at maths can affect a child’s self-worth for years to come. Out of my personal experience, I noticed that my son was having an issue with self confidence; his maths grade was not good and not as good as his twin. After some interventions, his maths grade jumped and his confidence was back. Just one thing. His number sense would have been sharper if only there was Mathnasium at that time. 😊


How to overcome maths anxiety?

To reduce any anxiety or phobia is to face it. Avoiding it only prevent your child from moving forward. The very first step is believing in the growth mindset. As a parent, you had a fear of maths? Fine. Mais c’est passé. You won’t face a maths exam anymore. But don’t make your child repeat your bad experience. Give positive messaging. Instill the belief in them that their ability can change and improve over time with effort and practice. Don’t we want our children to reject negative messages like racism, negative body image, unhealthy food, etc.? Let’s treat maths anxiety the same way.

Yes, face it – but be gentle. Your child needs to understand the basics first. If they cannot solve algebra equations, can they do fractions? Or integer? Maybe that’s the problem; it’s not because they don’t understand what steps to solve equations but perhaps it’s because they are not skilled in fractions. If they are not skilled in fractions, is it possible because they are not fluent in multiplication? You see, it’s very essential to master the basics, otherwise you’re just like applying duct tape to stop the leak on the ceiling without fixing the roof. Maths builds on itself. It’s never too late to go back to basic to permanently fix their maths skills.  

You can find an expert who can do a comprehensive assessment to find where exactly the gaps are. After finding what are the concepts that needed to work on, doing lots of practice is essential because maths is all about practice.

Don’t let maths anxiety prevent your high ability child to perform at their best.

By the way, the very nice lady who hated fish was my very dear friend; and I loved her to pieces 😊


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