How does the typical first experience of Mathnasium Parents (and their children) look like?

Aug 24, 2022 | Upper Mount Gravatt

Your child needed help with maths so you googled “maths tutor”. Or you were passing by then you saw our centre. You’d seen us somewhere, sometime, either physically or digitally, and then you reached out to us – whether by calling us or submitting your info on our website. You didn’t know then, but you’d made a small step to your child’s success!


Initial Assessment

The next step is to come to our centre with your child to do the initial assessment. Here you will meet our centre directors, Ruchi and Ritesh, and have a look at how attractive our centre is. Typically the assessment takes around 60 to 90 minutes, and after that you will sit to discuss the assessment result. Mathnasium’s assessment result is comprehensive and customized to each student with great accuracy, pinpointing your child’s learning needs. The purpose is to find out exactly where to meet them where they are so that we can take them where they need to go. We will go through the assessment results and show your child how to solve some problems that they thought they couldn’t solve. More often it’s not because your child doesn’t have a clue, but because they don’t know the strategy to solve a problem. The potential is there, deep down in their brain, waiting for someone to give a hand.

Your child will receive a Learning Plan, which is built based on the Assessment Chart. If your child’s result is below their school grade level, obviously as parents you’d like to know how long it will take to catch up. The answer depends on the pace of your child. If we think your child needs more attention and more focus on a particular concept, then more practice will be given, or on the other hand, some pages will be skipped when we think your child has a pretty good understanding of the concept.

The enrollment is done digitally; you can just complete the enrollment form from home or right away at the centre after the assessment.


First Session



In the first session (and actually in all sessions 😊 ) , your child will meet our specially trained, caring people who will work with your child to ensure they master the material. All of our instructors have to pass a rigorous maths screening that tests mathematical and logical thinking.

Mathnasium students learn maths through engaging explanations from instructors, and students feel like they have their own personal maths teacher; and if you want your child to like maths, go to Mathnasium. To learn more about why our instructors are not just average tutors, read: Tutors are created equal? Nope, and here what sets Mathnasium tutors apart.

And back to the first session, your child’s first activity is to name their binder and decorate it 😊

We don’t give homework to students as we don’t want to add more work to their busy schedule - but they can bring their schoolwork when they need our help. After a month, and at the beginning of every month, you will receive a progress report.

And also around the same time, you will be sent a question, asking about your experience with us. Just very recently we received this review from a Mathnasium mom whose son has only been with us for a month: “My son absolutely loves Mathnasium! He’s excited to go and learn every time! Happy kid equals happy mom!” (C.K.) Yaay … thank you so much for the appreciation!

Your child’s future starts today – we look forward to seeing you and your child!

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