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Dollars and Decimals

Jul 5, 2019

One important reason for kids to learn decimals is that the decimal system is what we use for money.  If you have three quarters, do you have enough to pay for an 89-cent lemonade? If you give a cashier three dollars to pay for an ice cream ...

Tau vs. Pi

Jun 26, 2019

Remember Pi Day, back on 3/14?   Well, pi has a friend called tau, and 6/28 is its day. And at Mathnasium math learning center we are all about celebrating mathematical constants. And variables. And anything that has to do with kids learning ma...

Summer at Mathnasium

Apr 24, 2019

When school starts back up each fall, students spend up to six weeks1 relearning the content they forgot over the summer. That loss of knowledge during summer vacation is known as the “Summer Slide.” But just a couple of hours per week in Mathnasi...

A little Thanksgiving fun from Mathnasium

Nov 18, 2018

Hey, Mathnasium families. What would Thanksgiving be without a little math fun?  Okay, math is probably not the first thing everyone thinks about when they think of Thanksgiving, but here at Mathnasium we are always thinking about math. So here...

Mathnasium Summer Explained by The Incredibles

May 2, 2018

We are on the brink of another school year coming to a close! This means more breathing room and a slower pace, but not a complete halt! Just as an athlete practices in the off-season, MATHletes need to stay in shape. Rusty skills lead to a...

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