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Meet Larry, he puts the Math in Mathnasium

Aug 29, 2018

The Mathnasium Method transforms kids' experience with math.

Allow me to introduce Larry Martinek -- he puts the math in Mathnasium - The Math Learning Center!

"Larry’s 40+ years of experience in math education is the basis of Mathnasium’s curriculum and educational style which has transformed the lives of thousands of children around the world."

I had the pleasure of meeting Larry a few years back when we were first opening our center. I have sat through hundreds of hours listening to professors and education consultants during my years as a high school teacher, but none of them left as big an impression. Larry's knowledge of how kids learn and enthusiasm for how a kids math program should run is the reason why Mathnasium as a company has thrived and continues to grow into the place you go when you need tutoring in math. Find out more about Larry in this post on the Mathnasium Number Sense blog. (

Enjoy and Happy Mathing!