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Making Monsters Move with Math: Technical Director David Kim

Mar 28, 2018



I'm sure my son is like most other kids his age, spending countless hours planted in front of a computer screen. Whether is creating his own world in Minecraft or designing the perfect avatar for another online world, kids today play in two worlds - one virtual and the other real-life. So, it was great when I could share the following feature about technical director David Kim on the Mathnasium Number Sense blog (read it here). David uses math in an amazingly cool way -- to animate characters on Nickelodeon movies and TV shows such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Penguins of Madagascar,” and “Monsters vs Aliens.”

David says "you don’t have to be a math genius, but you do need to use algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and occasionally a little calculus."  He credits his parents who enrolled him in an after-school math program that taught him math skills far beyond what was expected in school. David is grateful that he can use his math ability to address difficult animation challenges on the job. How cool is that?

Think about David the next time you start yelling at your child to turn the computer off. Or the next time you hear your child complain about their math homework, share this feature with them. Who knows, maybe a career using math is in their future too!

Happy Mathing!