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Why Math Word Problems Are Important

Sep 12, 2018

 Whether students are learning addition and subtraction, fractions, algebra, or geometry, word problems always play a role. Here are 5 reasons why they’re so important.

An integral part of every kids math program should be to give kids the confidence to be successful in solving word problems. As many of you know, prior to opening our math learning center, I taught math in a small high school in Brooklyn. For all the differences that each year brought - new students, a new principaI, new standards - there was one thing that always remained the same. Students would ask the same question - Why are we learning this?! I really wish I had read the latest post on the Mathnasium Number Sense Blog back then because now I have five great answers! Read the post here. Then stop by the center and let me know what you think! Together we will help your child demystify and decode word problems once and for all.  

Happy Mathing,