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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

  Robert (Bob) Bernstein, Center Director/Owner

   Bob, also known as Mr. B, retired from an unprecedented 30 year Wall Street career with one      firm, Salomon Brothers/Citigroup, specializing in the residential mortgage market. Starting          out   as an analyst and quickly advancing to Vice President at Salomon Brothers in the late            70's, Bob went on to become a Director at Citigroup, managing a group of Ivy league MBA        analysts thru late 2008. Bob has experienced all of the changes and challenges of the                    mortgage and credit markets.

With a strong mathematical background and excellent computer skills, he pioneered the use of individual loan data to evaluate and value hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage portfolios throughout his career. He is well known in his industry for his contributions on Wall Street. As a lifelong Brooklyn resident, Bob has witnessed many cultural, ethnic and economic changes in the community and local public school systems. With his lifelong passion for math and business experience, he knows the need for many children to master essential math skills early on. He has done private math tutoring and helped sponsor and house several young teens from his community through the years.

Bob has served on the board of Children of the City - a local grassroots, family development organization in New York City that utilizes home visits to connect individual children and families with the programs and resources to empower them with the skills to overcome poverty. Bob was a licensed New York Real Estate Salesperson and passed the New York Real Estate Brokers examination. Other notable certifications include Series 7 and Series 63 registration. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Syracuse University in 1978, cum laude.

  Desiree E Bernstein, Center Director/Owner

   Desiree's career has been dedicated to serving our country and the children of New York.            Desiree is a U.S. Navy veteran. She attended ministry school at Living Waters Institute in                Pasadena CA. In 2000, she was sworn in as a NYC Chaplain with the United Chaplains for the      State of New York. Chaplain Desiree worked for the NYC housing authority and created 23          programs to help strengthen traditional family values. One of her many successes was the            creation of "The Super Gang?" kids program in Coney Island. This was a major children?s program to help children learn about the constitution and pray for government leaders which received mayoral recognition from former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Through the use of performing arts, Desiree has been able to reach young people through positive motivational assemblies where she spoke and performed in many of NYC's public schools. She has taught Christian American history to many young people, instilling pride in our nation. Desiree has now teamed up with her husband to help turn the general decline in U.S. children's math abilities and have fun in the process. She brings extraordinary energy and commitment to her new endeavor.

Tonia C, Senior Instructor

Tonia has a B.A. in Mathematics Education from Brooklyn College and has worked at Mathnasium for five years. She has been working as a tutor since high school as part of a Peer Tutoring initiative. Her experience with teaching mathematics to students of all ages and abilities allows her to adapt her teaching to the individual needs of each student. She believes math is not only a school subject, but a skill that helps everyone succeed in the future. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences is to help students build their confidence and enjoy math! 

Valeriya F, Senior Instructor

Valeriya is studying mechanical engineering at City College of New York and has gotten a head start by volunteering at Brooklyn College’s Physics lab. There she had built a fuel-cell car that can run completely on water and has won recognition from competitions that she has entered including Intel. Valeriya loves to help her fellow classmates as well as her little sister with homework and enjoys explaining the logic and reasoning that leads to the answer. Valeriya believes in mindfulness and is very dedicated in anything she decides to do. She also wishes to pass on as much intelligence as possible to anyone that walks into Mathnasium and get them to be as enthusiastic about math as she is. Valeriya is also fluent in Russian.

Yarisbel R, Senior Instructor

Yarisbel is a tutor at Mathnasium. A doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, Yarisbel has Master's degrees in American History. Yarisbel is also a History instructor at Brooklyn College. She credits her broad interests and her love of learning to the amazing scholars she had the privilege of working under as a student. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School with a Regents Honors degree in Biochemistry, Yarisbel attended the City College of New York and received fellowships and scholarships for her academic work andpublic policy research. While there, Yarisbel was also the co-founder of Women Lead Now, an on-campus humanitarian group. She graduated from City College with a Magna Cum Laude Honors degree in Latin American History. As a doctoral student, she has received fellowships for her research and academic record, and her experiences teaching in college-level classrooms serve as an excellent parallel to her responsibilities with students at Mathnasium. She is excited about the opportunity to help students of all ages with the innovative Mathnasium method.

Joel G, Senior Instructor

Joel is a native Brooklynite, Math connoisseur, Gastronaut (adventurous eater), New York City Road Runner, and entrepreneur/investor. He attended Windmill Montessori where he advanced to the maximum of 6th grade math by about the second grade. Then they made him read more books. He attended Poly Prep in Dyker Heights ("Far Down On The Heights Called Dyker...") for grades 5-12 and was a National Merit Scholar (top one-half of one percent) with a 770 math score out of 800 and then went to Cornell University ("Far Above Cayuga's Waters...") for three years, travelled the world (or at least all of the eastern half of the U.S.) and returned to school at Brooklyn College graduating with a Television/Radio degree. Joel lives within one-tenth of a mile of Ma+hnasium, but Mr. B assures him that that's not why he was hired. He likes kids; his mom still treats him like one. He believes that age is just a number (and he would know - since he has impeccable Number Sense). His favorite Monster Cereal is BooBerry.

Jordan F, Lead Instructor

Jordan currently attends Brooklyn College as a double major in applied mathematics and financial mathematics with a minor in computer science. He wants to get the most out of the college to become a competent and knowledgeable data analyst, but before he decided to work towards becoming one, his first career passion was teaching math. At Mathnasium, he has been able to explore his first passion while working on his studies.

Any time he is scheduled to come in, his goal is to make sure that whoever he is working with not only knows how to answer questions correctly but also understands the subject matter, why certain things work, and why certain things don't. For many, math is difficult and seems impossible to grasp that they abandon all efforts to continue. They rely on their teachers to help them but some teachers prefer to teach very formally and get technical, and that would leave a lot of their students as confused as they were in the first place. What Jordan wants to do is make math seem less cloudy to make understanding easier and instill confidence, even if it's just a little speck of it, and help his students build it gradually from there.






Dmitriy K, Senior Instructor


 Dmitriy is currently an undergraduate of computer science at Kingsborough Community College
with plans to transfer to John Jay with a major in applied mathematics and cryptography. Dmitriy
became fascinated with math when, at 8 years old, he calculated how much money he could earn
from his elementary school bake sale. Since then counting numbers and solving problems has
always brought joy to Dmitriy.

Dmitriy wants to make others fall in love with math the same way he did in the past. For almost
two years Dmitriy has been an instructor for Mathnasium and during that his goal has always
been to create an environment in which math is a fun, interesting and rewarding experience. By
using his knowledge and deep passion for the subject, Dmitriy wishes to demonstrate to all of his
students that mathematics is the most beautiful of them all.


Ayham A, Instructor


Ayham is an aspiring computer science major at Stuyvesant. He has competed in well over a dozen hackathons (computer science competitions), with four first place medals. Ayham also has a prolific debate career, with multiple first place awards in both state and national tournaments. He is planning on staying in academia after graduating college and going on to be a computer science instructor.


Math has always been Ayham's "strong suit." He entered high school taking honors classes and will likely graduate doing the same. During his free time, Ayham helps mentor his fellow classmates in the topics they don't understand. This normally culminates in higher test scores for his classmates, and higher scores for himself as well. Ayham has been unintentionally using the Mathnasium method with his classmates, and is happy to be intentionally doing so with new students.



Roger R,  Advanced Instructor


After graduating from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) with a master's degree in mathematics, Roger went into education as a licensed secondary school teacher and a community college math instructor. In 2015 he took up the opportunity to work in New York and have stayed in the city since.

When not working, he enjoys a calm life. Reading a (math) book, watching a movie, a stroll in the bustling streets of New York, or a ride on the bike are favorites. Love the fall foliage! 




James L, Instructor


James currently attends the College of Staten Island as a Computer Science and Mathematics major. He enjoyed math as a child, but woke up one day with his interest gone. He rediscovered his love of math in college, and hopes he can help keep others from losing that love, or finding it again. 


James sees tutoring as an opportunity not just to teach, but to learn, as well. There is always something that can be done better; an alternative explanation that will make sense to someone new; some new exploration that piques curiosities to encourage mathematical engagement. Plus, working with kids is a lot of fun!



Peggy P,  Advanced Instructor



Peggy has a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University.  After she finished her postdoc training at Duke University, she joined the university of Texas as an assistant professor.  During her teaching at both undergraduate and graduate level, she witnessed an overwhelming fact that many students lacked the basic math skills necessary to succeed with university curriculum.  Since then, she has been working diligently developing innovative methods helping students understand difficulty concepts and systems.

Two years ago, she started tutoring kids from 4th grade to high school in her church community and has helped many students obtain their dream scores in various exams such as SHSAT, SAT, NY State Test, and Hunter Highschool Entrance Exams. She always makes sure students learn math skills in an interesting and adaptive manner. 



Kevin R, Advanced Instructor



Kevin is a Brooklyn native, growing up in Sunset Park. He earned his Bachelor's in Economic Analysis at Binghamton University. Kevin has always had a love of math, from his math influenced bachelor's degree to taking multiple actuarial exams because of his interest in the subject. He went on to work 7 years as a bond broker in the finance world before switching career paths. After being accepted into the New York CIty Teaching Fellows, he earned his Master's in Teaching from Relay GSE and taught geometry and Pre-Calculus for Telecommunications High School.

He is currently enrolled full time at Hunter College and is obtaining his second master's degree, this one in Social Work, in hopes of becoming a school social worker/counselor.