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Word Problem Wednesday: Happy New Year Challenge!

Jan 3, 2018

Word Problem Wednesday: Happy New Year Challenge!

By Marketing | Added Jan 3, 2018


Happy 2018 fellow math lovers! Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve your math skills? We think that’s a great goal, and we can help you do it in a FUN way! Visit the Mathnasium Number Sense blog every Wednesday to find a new word problem challenge to solve. We can help you keep those math skills sharp!

In this week’s challenge, Barb has resolved to build her vocabulary in increasing increments all year long. Help her figure out how many new words she will have learned by the end of the year. Give this great math problem a try, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the solution!

Challenge: Barb’s New Year’s resolution is to build her vocabulary. She plans to learn 3 new words in January, 6 new words in February, 12 new words in March, 24 new words in April, and so on. If the pattern continues, then how many new words are on Barb’s 2018 vocabulary list in total?

Solution: Each month, Barb learns twice as many vocabulary words as she did the previous month. So, Barb will learn 24 × 2 = 48 words in May, 48 × 2 = 96 in June, 96 × 2 = 192 in July, 192 × 2 = 384 in August, 384 × 2 = 768 in September, 768 × 2 = 1,536 in October, 1,536 × 2 = 3,072 in November, and 3,072 × 2 = 6,144 in December. If we add them all up, we get 12,285 words in total.