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News from Mathnasium of Redwood City

Try it out Tuesday: Two Wheeler Word Problem

Jan 9, 2018

Try it out Tuesday! Two Wheeler Word Problem


Zoom zoom! We're back with another installment of Try it out Tuesday! Solve our bicycle-themed word problem and check below for the answer!

Isabel has a bicycle with wheels that measure 28 inches in diameter. How far will the bicycle go if the wheels rotate 100 times? (Round π to 3.14 to solve this problem.)

Solution Below:

The circumference of the wheel is approximately equal to its diameter multiplied by rounded π: 28 inches × 3.14 = 87.92 inches. If the wheel rotates 100 times, it’ll go 87.92 × 100 = 8,792 inches. That’s the same as 732 feet and 8 inches.