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Word Problem Wednesday: Photography, Fractions and Percents

Jan 24, 2018

Word Problem Wednesday: Photography, Fractions and Percents

By Mathnasium | Added Jan 24, 2018

Fun photography-themed word problem will help kids practice elementary math skills such as fractions and percents.

Strike a pose for math improvement! This week’s word problem Wednesday is about a flash sale that would make anybody snap to attention! The challenge below will help you practice elementary math concepts such as fractions and percents. So don’t divide your attention (hint, hint) but focus on the matter at hand to really develop your awesome math skills!

Challenge: Deb usually shoots glamour portraits for $26.00, but today they are discounted at 75% off. How much do glamour portraits cost today?

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the solution!

(Photo above by Lesly via