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News from Mathnasium of Broomfield South

Common Core Help For 6th Graders in Colorado

Aug 15, 2019

Common Core Curriculum was introduced in 2002, and the state of Colorado adopted it in 2010. The Colorado Department of Education integrated the national common core standard with local focuses on 21st century skills, financial literacy, and more. Jefferson County Public Schools, BVSD, Adams 12, Westminster 50, and other local school districts adhere to these standards today. The 6th grade common core standards have multiple goals for students to achieve by the end of the school year. There are four key areas for sixth graders to master.

  1. Understanding ratios, percents, and fractions.  At this level, students should be prepared to compare and manipulate proportions and percents. An understanding of scale, comparing different fractional parts, and working with the base 10 number system are crucial for day-to-day understanding of money, measurement, and portraying information. 
  2. Reasoning with single variable equations and inequalities. The ability to solve for an unknown is the first stepping stone into algebraic thinking, so there is a strong emphasis on being able to deduce the value about a value from available equations. 
  3. Represent and analyze mathematical problems. In sixth grade, all of the math already learned gains its concrete purpose, as students learn how to represent quantitative relationships of real-world phenomena. Being able to create a formula from a word problem and reason which key words associate with which mathematical operations allows for students to reason through larger scale problems with abstract thinking. 
  4. Develop an understanding of statistical variables and distributions. Upon reaching middle school, students encounter the concept of larger sets of numbers and how to manipulate them to gain key information. At this level, students can expect to see the difference between a single number, such as their age, and a distribution of numbers, such as all of the ages of their classmates. 

Here at Mathnasium of Broomfield South, we are well equipped to help sixth graders meet and exceed Common Core standards. For students who fall behind, our numerical fluency curriculum focuses on building a through understanding of numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and more. At this age, energy and enthusiasm are critical for keeping the student engaged, so Mathnasium mixes math games and intuitive lessons into its curriculum. We have a rewards system that encourages hard work, and gives the student a concrete goal whenever they complete a section of their work. A mastery check page at the end of each unit gives the student a chance to spin a prize wheel, and gives you a glimpse at the progress your student is making.

Our center offers a variety of enrollment length options to meet your goals and budget. Enrollments are on a monthly basis to encourage 2-3 attendances per week as a way to accelerate math skill growth, but our attendance is flexible based on your schedule. No appointments are necessary after an enrollment is started; your student can walk in at their leisure and sit down with their custom learning plan.

All students begin with our comprehensive diagnostic assessment, giving you a clear picture of your student’s math skills and allowing us to build material around any gaps in their learning.

Complete the form on this page, call our Center at 303-429-MATH or email us at to get started.