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Kids in the Kitchen - Halloween Edition!

Oct 8, 2019

Pizza is one of our favorite foods to bring up when we talk about math (it’s also one of our favorite foods to eat!). It’s easy for children to picture a pizza, and to understand that we cut pizza into individual slices to make it easier to share with the entire family. That’s right, pizza is the perfect introduction to fractions! Today, we’re also having some Halloween fun with our pizza by adding some creative toppings!

Break out your favorite pizza crust and sauce for a spooky dinner treat! Personal pizzas might be the way to go so everyone can decorate their own pizza to their heart’s content with no worries that a sibling might not like spiders on their pizza.

Depending on the age of your children you may want to assist with things like chopping ingredients.

Pizza Spiders
Once you have your pizza crust rolled out and covered with sauce and cheese, you’ll need some large black olives. 

First cut the olives in half lengthwise. These halves will be the bodies for two spiders!

Take two more olives and cut them in half lengthwise like before. Take these two halves and cut them into quarters. These will be your spider legs!

Quick Math Question: what fraction of the whole olive is each leg?
Hint: How many legs did you get from the whole olive?

Once you have your spider bodies and legs made, arrange them on the pizza so that there are 4 legs on each side of the bodies.

Bake pizza as directed on your pizza crust.


Pizza Ghosts
Once you have your pizza crust rolled out and covered with sauce and cheese, you’ll need some slices of white cheese (such as mozarella) and some pieces of black olive.

Using cookie cutters, food safe scissors, or a knife, cut ghost shapes out of your sliced cheese.

Use small pieces of olive to make eyes and a mouth for each ghost.

Arrange your ghosts (and their faces!) on your pizza.

Bake pizza as directed on your pizza crust.


For a fun Halloween dessert idea, check out our post last year about Frightful & Delightful Cookies!