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You can smoothly transition your child back to in-center learning at any time (barring any state-directed public health restrictions), as we are beginning to re-open our center while continuing with the option of Mathnasium@Home instruction.

News from Mathnasium of Myers Park

How Math Can Benefit Girls From An Early Age

Feb 10, 2020

There are plenty of myths circulating about the way math is learned and utilized based on gender.
These myths are mostly attributed to the fact that math-related fields are dominated by men.
However, that does not mean there is a difference in aptitude when it comes to boys, girls and

So why do so many males dominate the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics) fields, particularly in the Charlotte, NC area?

There are a variety of reasons. Stereotypes, gender bias and recruitment efforts have presented
obstacles for females. Nevertheless, one of the most prevailing challenges is the acceptance of a
fixed mindset. This way of thinking believes that intelligence is not something that is developed,
but instead is static. Girls who start to find difficulty with math may attribute to their struggles to
the stereotype theory.

The reality is that effort and persistence can overcome obstacles. It is important to also reiterate
the notion that intelligence is not static. That mindset alone can push girls towards a STEM
pathway. How do you purposely dispel the many myths surrounding why girls don’t like math
and don’t have the aptitude to excel in math?

It is important for girls to not only practice math, but it is equally important to remind them how
much practice can grow their abilities in this area. It is just as important to remind them that
there is no level of fixed intelligence. There are some very simple and effective ways to increase
one’s math skills and confidence in order to achieve success in math.

Oftentimes, girls don’t know about or haven’t been exposed to women who have excelled in
STEM related fields.. Typically our girls aspire to role models who are in the more
creative(artistic) fields such as dancers, singers models, or actresses. It only takes some quick
Google searches to identify famous female scientists, engineers and mathematicians. More
recognition of women who are in math oriented jobs, will help our young girls understand and
know that the opportunity exists for them to do well in STEM oriented positions in their
professional career choices.

Parents can play a key role in developing their girls into STEM stars by emphasizing the
importance of practicing math and showing them what kind of career it can lead to in their
futures. And when it’s time for a family outing, don’t just settle for a stereotypical day at the
salon or dance recital. Consider a new adventure such as a science museum or engineering
exhibit. Prioritizing, learning and retention of math concepts and skills will help build confidence
in their math ability.