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You can smoothly transition your child back to in-center learning at any time (barring any state-directed public health restrictions), as we are beginning to re-open our center while continuing with the option of Mathnasium@Home instruction.

News from Mathnasium of Myers Park

EOG Prep & EOC Prep Can Help Your Child

Mar 9, 2020

The EOG (End of Grade) and EOC (End of Course) tests are a way for students in the state of
North Carolina to gauge their academic progress. Preparing for these tests can lead to a wealth of
benefits. In addition to school preparation, parents have other options to supplement and help
prepare their children for achieving the highest score possible on the EOG, EOC and ERB.
There are afters school programs that will strengthen children’s math fundamentals and concepts,
which is what the state or school exams are designed to assess.

In North Carolina, the EOG is a standardized test that measures the progress of students who are
in grades three through eight. These test results serve as valuable data to show which areas of
improvement are needed in a variety of subjects. The EOG/EOC/ERB measures student
academic level in math, reading, writing, science and other subjects. Prepping for the
standardized state exams is one way to ensure your child will achieve their highest score possible
These exams offer a snapshot of what students should be learning in each of their respective
school years. Because our children’s futures depend mostly upon math oriented jobs,
technology and science, one of the most important areas in which to achieve a top score is Math.

Prepping for the EOG/EOC/ERB equips students with the requisite skills and knowledge they
need to flourish in the classroom. All state exams are a way of identifying a student’s
comprehension of the material covered in a specific course. A student’s mastery of these exams is
a result of adequate preparation, sometimes requiring additional preparation beyond the

The EOC scores on four levels, which are a non-proficient level and levels numbered three
through five. Climbing up through those levels often takes time, dedication and some additional
support and preparation.

The school day only has so many hours and with several students in a classroom, even the best
teachers cannot provide one-on-one attention. But there are other resources to assist in preparing
for the EOG, EOC and ERB in Charlotte, NC.

Mathnasium brings together math instructors, tutors and students to provide the necessary
resources to improve Charlotte, NC EOG, EOC and ERB test scores. That includes customized
instruction to meet the specific needs of a student. Our programs are designed to provide one to
one instruction and our instructor to student ratios are 1:3. Our curriculum is designed in such a
way that Math Makes Sense and as the student learns the concepts, we ensure mastery at each
level. Math is sequential and builds upon itself and it’s extremely important for our students to
understand the material before moving on to the next level.

Extracurricular activities are meant to enhance a child’s life and improving their math skills is
something that can last a lifetime. For the very best EOC, EOG and ERB instruction, Charlotte,
NC has to offer, contact the professionals at Mathnasium today.