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News from Mathnasium of North Alpharetta

Problems of the Week: September 21 -25

Sep 27, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: Grace has been keeping track of the sunny, cloudy, and rainy days over the past two weeks. She recorded 4 sunny days, 7 cloudy days, and 3 rainy days. How many more days were cloudy or rainy than sunny? Answer: 6 days...

Problems of the Week: September 14 - 18

Sep 22, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: Natalie prepares 16 ounces of broccoli for family dinner night. Each of the 4 people in Natalie’s family eat the same amount of broccoli, and there are 4 ounces of broccoli left over. How many ounces of broccoli does...

Problems of the Week: September 7 - 11

Sep 12, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: Michael’s soccer team is having a bake sale. They bake 2 each of 3 kinds of pie, then cut each pie into 8 slices. How many slices of pie can Michael’s soccer team sell at their bake sale? Answer:  48 slices Sol...

Problems of the Week: August 31 - September 3

Sep 2, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: Oscar sketched twice as many portraits as Polly. Polly sketched twice as many portraits as Kate. Kate sketched 4 portraits. How many portraits did Oscar sketch? Answer: 16 portraits Solution: If Polly sketched twice ...

Supervised Prime Study Space At Our Centers While You Work

Aug 29, 2020

On August 31. 2020, we started participating in Prime Study Space at our three centers. We facilitate your children’s learning day at our centers while you go to work. Parents have the opportunity to enroll their children in our morning program. W...

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