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News from Mathnasium of Cherry Hill

Five types of Math used in computer science

Mar 2, 2022

We all know that math and computers are deeply connected. The things that bring entertainment, communication, and information into our homes and fingertips are in their most basic form, numbers. So to truly understand computers and the science tha...

Mysterious Egyptian Mathematics

Feb 23, 2022

  A single stroke, a heel bone (upside-down smile), a coil of rope, a lotus plant, a finger, and a frog, are 6 unique symbols composed by ancient Egyptians to represent the number system. Clever Egyptians made great contributions to modern math...

Addition, Subtraction, Division, Oh My! Struggling with Math Anxiety

Feb 16, 2022

“I don’t like math,” “I can’t do the math,”; “it’s too hard,”; “I’ll never use it in the real world.”   This is the fixed mindset of many students. Math anxiety happens to people of all ages worldwide, and not only to just students.   ...


Feb 9, 2022

  "Music is a secret exercise in the arithmetic of the soul, unaware of its act of counting."  --Gottfried Leibniz, philosopher and mathematician.   The relationship between music and math goes back thousands of years to the origins of...

Math Brain Teasers: A perfect workout for the brain!

Feb 2, 2022

Math is a subject that is both loved and hated simultaneously. This subject relates to everything we do in our daily lives, making learning and understanding important. However, how can we indulge the young and tender minds in such a complex subje...

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