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News from Mathnasium of North Santa Clarita

Episode 4 of Operation Mathlete is 100% Fun!

Apr 22, 2015

Many people struggle with percentages, and this week the Operation Mathlete contestants are asked to calculate percentages in their heads while under the pressure of a time-limit.  Find out how they do here.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Apr 17, 2015

Wednesday was a busy day for Mathnasium of North Santa Clarita.  We attended two different events in Santa Clarita to start generating buzz in the community about who we are and what we do.  One of the events was hosted by all the PTA's in the San...

Episode 3 of Operation Mathlete

Apr 15, 2015

We hope you will watch Episode 3 of Operation Mathlete, in part because it is a whole lot of fun, and in part because it is whole lot of educational, and you will also learn a whole lot about wholes and parts too.

The Challenges Get Started On Operation Mathlete Episode 2

Apr 1, 2015

Have you watched the second episode of Operation Mathlete yet?  Find out how fun math can be when it is learned in a way that makes sense; plus Larry Martinek dress up like a giant bee!  

Must Watch Entertainment: Operation Mathlete Episode 1

Mar 25, 2015

We believe that learning math can be fun and entertaining.  Need some proof?  Well watch this. Larry Martinek, the creator of the Mahtnasium Method, stars in Operation Mathlete, a reality webseries where students who struggle with math learn p...

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