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News from Mathnasium of South Beaverton

Counting and grouping games at South Beaverton Mathnasium

Apr 28, 2016

Many times, when students of all ages come to Mathnasium in need of math help, their math troubles can be traced back to a lack of number sense—an intuitive grasp of how numbers work! What’s the first step to gaining number sense? Well, the most b...

Springtime Math at South Beaverton Mathnasium!

Apr 26, 2016

We’re always tickled to see unusual instances of math in nature, and this headline certainly had us grinning from ear to ear: Periodic Cicadas are Coming: Mathematical Bugs in the Prime of their Lives! While many 17-year-old humans spend springtim...

South Beaverton celebrates Leap Day!

Mar 3, 2016

South Beaverton, OR: Leap Day 2016 was this week, on Monday, February 29! On this Word Problem Wednesday, give our leap year-themed word problem a try; we'll update with the answer tomorrow. 2016 is a leap year! Every 4 years, there is an ex...

South Beaverton Mathnasium loves "The Pancake Menu"

Feb 16, 2016

Author Spotlight: Lucy Ravitch, The Pancake Menu Author and educator Lucy Ravitch is on a mission: to make learning math as much fun and hands-on as possible! We're super excited about her book, The Pancake Menu, and love the way she makes math...

Legos for learning about Fractions at Mathnasium of South Beaverton

Jan 25, 2016

At Mathnasium, we're all about making math make sense to kids. That said, bringing out manipulatives—physical objects used as teaching tools—in appropriate situations is a fantastic way to render abstract math concepts concrete! Since it's the hol...

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