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News from Mathnasium of Scotts Valley

Reduce Stress Related to Math and Math Grades

Jan 14, 2018

Too many kids are stressed out. A common childhood stressor is academic pressure. Feeling as if you don’t measure up to expectations is stressful. Feeling less successful than other kids in class is also stressful. The pressure may come from ad...

Choosing Sports over Academics

Dec 28, 2017

Are You Choosing Sports over Academics? Look at sports versus Mathnasium of SCOTTS VALLEY from a cost/benefit perspective. Children’s extra-curricular activities aren’t cheap. Parents pay for lessons because they believe their children will ben...

Is a C in Math Class Good Enough?

Dec 6, 2017

Is a C in Math Class Good Enough? It’s report card day and your child gets a C in math. Is a C good enough? What does a C, or any grade, really mean? A grade of “C” is especially ambiguous. Grading is an imperfect system. Letter grades shoul...

When Your Child Falls Behind, Get Help from the Math-Only Learning Center.

Nov 25, 2017

Math homework shouldn’t feel like hitting a wall. At Mathnasium we know that one bad year can cause a child to lose confidence in their math skills and in themselves. We want to help you and your student avoid that. At Mathnasium we believe every ...

Problem of the week with answers 10/20/17

Oct 22, 2017

Lower Elementary: Question: Jack is sitting in a swivel chair facing north. He spins a half turn clockwise, then a quarter turn counterclockwise, then a full turn clockwise, and finally a three-quarter turn counterclockwise. In which direction ...

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