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News from Mathnasium of St. Peter's North

Word Problem Wednesday 7-4-18

Jul 4, 2018

Question:  For lunch, Misha had a 590 calorie double cheeseburger, 595 calories of french fries, and a 440 calorie soda. If Misha can burn 650 calories per hour swimming at a vigorous pace, how long will it take Misha to burn off all her lunch cal...

Word Problem Wednesday 6-20-18

Jun 20, 2018

Question:  Ella’s summer drama camp has a 5 to 7 ratio of boys to girls. If there are a total of 84 students in her camp, how many girls are there? Answer:   49 girls Solution:   We can set up a proportion to solve this. A ratio of 5 boys to...

Word Problem Wednesday 6-13-18

Jun 13, 2018

Question: Luke says he saw a piranha that was 4¾ inches long. Howard says he saw a piranha that was 4.7 inches long. Who saw the bigger piranha? Answer:   Luke Solution:  One way to solve this problem is to write both measurements as decimal...

Word Problem Wednesday 6-6-18

Jun 6, 2018

Question: A giant pacific octopus weighs 110 pounds. A blue-ringed octopus weighs 4 ounces. How many blue-ringed octopuses weigh the same amount as a giant pacific octopus? Answer:  440 blue-ringed octopuses Solution:  A pound is 16 ounces, ...

Word Problem Wednesday 5-30-18

May 30, 2018

Question: Spot the dog can jump 3¾ feet into the air. Can Spot catch a frisbee that flies 44 inches over his head? Answer:  Yes Solution:  One way to solve this problem is to convert 3¾ feet to inches. Three feet is 3 × 12 = 36 inches, and a...

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