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10 Ways Tutoring Helps Your Child Excel in School…

Oct 27, 2020

As parents, we want our children to excel in school. We hope that they earn good grades and take their education seriously. Simply being smart and working hard is not the only way that we can help encourage our children to focus and become straight “A” students. So how can you help your child do well in school?

Stay Focused & Disciplined

Encourage your child to focus on their schoolwork. Help them create a schedule so that they are not easily overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. This should include time for homework and studying. You may even encourage them to read outside of their school requirements. Have them write down both their short and long term goals— put this somewhere that they can see it everyday. This will help them keep their commitment to themselves and what they hope to achieve. Remind them that even if they experience setbacks, they should never lose focus and always remain disciplined.

Setting Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

Students who excel are motivated. Tasks are completed simply to check off a box but instead because they are look at the bigger picture of things they desire to accomplish. Ask your child if they know why they need to study… is it so they can get good grades right now or so that they can work in the field of their dreams down the road? Remind them how important it is to set goals and reward them when they do good. While discipline is important, it is equally important to celebrate success.

Using Their Voice

Students who participate in class discussions are usually the ones who do the best because they are actively engaged. They are not afraid to ask questions. When they are not sure about the lesson that is being taught, they will seek an explanation. It is important that they understand the information being presented. Encourage your child to use their voice in class and ask for help when they need it. If they need help outside of school, consider hiring an online tutor. Tutors can work one-on-one with them so that they understand the concepts that they are being taught.

Organization Is Important

The overload of assignments and studying while balancing extra curricular activities can be a bit overwhelming which may make your child develop anxiety. Help your child excel by teaching them how to break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. Creating a to-do list that includes due dates can help them visual what needs done and when. This teaches them how working on small portions of a task will lead to accomplishing something bigger. Essay writing is one task that can be broken down: one day your child can gather information, the next they can create an outline and citations. Then depending on the time allotted, they can break the essay down paragraph by paragraph making sure it is completed by the deadline.

Doing More Than the Bare Minimum

Successful students do more than just what is asked. While you should encourage your child to provide quality work, you should also stress how taking the initiative to do a little bit more will pay off. For instance, when asked to read 10 pages, motivated students might read 15 on their on accord. Hard work and practice pay off and will help the achieve their goals.

Helping Their Peers

One of the best ways to retain information is by sharing our knowledge with others. When helping their peers, students can build a better understanding of the material. Having to put what they are taught into their our words helps them break down the main points and apply it. Suggest that your child helps a peer that might be struggling in class.

Create a Balance

To avoid a burnout, remind them to do everything in moderation. While studying and completing assignments are important, the best students balance out their school work with extra curricular activities, spending time with friends and family, hobbies, and making sure they get adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep has been proven to help our minds function better which, in turn, helps our minds process and retain information. Help your child create a balance in their life.

Form a Study Group

Your child does not have to study by themselves. Studying with classmates and working on group assignments can increase your child’s efficiency. It’s also another way for them to learn new ways to study as they can see what works and what doesn’t for other people. It might also make it more fun for them.

Be Proactive

Students who do the best are proactive with their interest. They will take the initiative to ask their teachers for more information about the concepts being taught. They may even dive into books at the library or conduct research on the subject matter to build their understanding. Encourage your child to explore their interests beyond what they have been taught at school.

Putting Their Knowledge to the Test

We have all heard the phrase practice makes perfect. Aside from studying, your student should put their knowledge to the test. They can do so by taking practice tests. Use those tests or questions online about the subject to see what they know and what they might need to work on.

The best students are not always the most intelligent but instead they are the ones who are willing to work harder. They make the most out of their abilities and put forth the effort needed to succeed.

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