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4 Great Ways To Boost Your Child’s Confidence with Math...

Aug 5, 2020

Mathematics can be one of the more challenging classes for children. They tend to do okay until one concept leaves them confused because they didn’t have ample time to master it before it was time to move on. This can leave them feeling anxious and as if they are not good at math in general. Parents have the opportunity to change their child’s outlook on math and help them to become comfortable and confident when learning new mathematical concepts.

Make Math A Part of Their Everyday Life

By incorporating math into their daily routine, you will make math fun. Some activities you can do at home include having them adjust recipes to suite your family size. If you’re dining out, have them calculate the tip for your server. While shopping, have them figure out how much money you can save by using coupons. There are several ways you can make math apart of your child’s everyday life. 

If They Ask For Help, Be There

If your child does not ask for help, that is okay. Do not force help upon them and allow them to do the work on their own. However, if your child asks for help, be there to assist them. While today’s math might be different from the methods you learned in school, it is important that you teach your child how to solve problems using the methods they are learning in class. Prior to helping your child, review their textbook, notes, and their classwork so you can build a better understanding of the process. This will help to eliminate any confusion. If your child comes to you needing help with homework that was challenging for you when you were in school, avoid using phrases like “I’m not good at math so I’m not going to help you.” They look to you for answers and by saying that, you’re allowing them to have the same lack of confidence about math that you have. Instead, encourage them to look through their note, assignments, and textbooks. When your child completes a task, go over it with them together. Have them walk you through the process they used to solve their math problems. Verbalizing their methods will help them to identify any errors and retain what they have learned.

Communicate With Their Teacher

Talking to your child’s teacher will help you better understand how they doing in math. Discuss what you have noticed about your child (what are they good at; what do they struggle with) and ask the teacher if they have noticed the same things. You can ask for tips on how to help your child overcome any anxious feelings that they might have about math. The teacher likely sees a different side of them so if you’re unsure of why your child is struggling, their teacher might have better insight and can let you know what they have noticed when you aren’t around

Consider Hiring A Tutor

Anxiety about math can diminish your child’s confidence which in turn can lead to them to not completing assignments, which will hurt their grades. If you notice that your child is having a hard time with math, you might consider hiring a qualified online tutor. This isn’t your only option but the resources are there if you feel your child will benefit from them. Until then, continue to make math apart of their daily routine, help them with their homework when they need it, and communicate with their teacher. These steps are sure to boost your child’s confidence about their math abilities.

The best students are not always the most intelligent but instead they are the ones who are willing to work harder. They make the most out of their abilities and put forth the effort needed to succeed.

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