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5 Tips For Making the Most Out of Online Tutoring Sessions...

Dec 17, 2020

Online tutoring sites have really boosted in popularity with K-12 students. Online tutoring has become a new hope in the world of education. For some students, classroom-based teaching often fails to provide personalized attention to each student. This is true especially for students who struggle with various subjects. Every student's learning issues and objectives need to be addressed personally and professionally. The right tutor who matches the student's individual needs is a special experience for the student. We have listed a few tips to help students get the most out of the online tutoring experience.

Log In Early and Be Ready To Learn

Powering up and logging in before the scheduled time is a good idea. Students should be ready before the scheduled start of the online session. Have the electronic device, notepad, and other supporting materials at hand. The preparation will help students to save time especially if new software or updates are needed.

Have a Few Quick Breaks

Sitting and facing a screen for a whole hour or more can be difficult. Tell your tutor you’d like to take a brief one-to-two minute break every twenty minutes. Stretch your body, run around the house, or even do some jumping jacks. Have a drink of water or some nibbles handy (healthy trail mix or raisins will give you energy). A break like this will re-energize your body and brain, and help to maximize your focus for the rest of the session. It will help your tutor too!

Ask Questions / Stay Engaged

Asking a question and engaging in the exercise will help both the online tutor and student to stay active. Staying active not only improves the session but also increase the rapport between the tutor and student. Try not to become passive and inactive during a tutoring session.

Keep Notes For Homework Assignments and Next Live Tutor Sessions

You may think you’ll remember what you agreed to, but when everyday life gets in the way, things can slip your mind. Use your phone or computer to keep a note of what you need to do and when. This will help you keep up with the work and let your tutor be able to know your grasp of the coursework.

Find a Quiet Location

Let everyone know you’re having an online tutoring session and stick a sign on the door to keep them away. Turn down the music and, if it’s noisy outside, shut the window. If it will help, consider using a headset so you can hear well and the tutor can hear you.

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