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School is Out In The Summer But That Doesn’t Mean Learning Has to Stop. Online Tutoring Makes It Easy…

Jun 1, 2020

Long breaks can result in learning loss. Some students forget 2 or more months of what they learned throughout the school year, making them fall behind when school starts back up in the fall. One way you can help your child stay on track is by hiring an online tutor. While other academic subject skills are at risk, math is perhaps the most important as kids often do not get to apply these skills at home. Getting your child to remain focused can be difficult, but an online tutor will work hard to ensure your child has the help they need and are prepared for a new school year.

Make Math Fun

By making math tutoring online a fun experience, it will make them less likely to be resistant of learning on their summer break. Most kids do not want to spend their summer inside working on math as they would rather be outside playing. Tutors can use games to teach math concepts so that your child can work on their math skills while having fun.

Parents, Get On Board

Online math tutors are an excellent resource but you know what we need? You! Parent involvement is essential to the success of your child. Incorporate math into their daily routine which allows the tutor to spend more time working on strengthening existing skills and building new ones without wasting time on review. Is your child working on fractions? If so teach them how to adjust recipes. Focusing on percentages? Have them calculate tips and discounts. Does your child like sports? Use sport statistics to keep them interested. Reinforcement makes them less likely to forget what they’ve learned before their next online tutoring session.

Applying What They Learn in the Real World

As discussed above, one way we can help our children grasp math concepts is by teaching them how to apply what they are learning in the real world. When you are shopping, have them figure out the change, determine how much you will save with coupons, or let them plan a trip using an actual map. There are many ways you can help your child apply what they are leaning into the real world. By putting their skills to test, kids will learn just how important math is and this will help them remain focused and improve their grades.

Choose a Summer Learning Program

Summer enrichment programs often consist of smaller groups, students learn by doing activities, and they can explore their interests. It is best for your child that you choose a program that has structure and that focuses on math and reading. The best programs will integrate the concepts and skills students learned in their previous year of school with what they will be learning in their next year. These programs may also offer tutoring if they notice your child is struggling. This will be beneficial when school starts back up. Reintroducing concepts learned during the school year will help your child retain the knowledge they gained. So it is important that you knew their skills fresh.

Summer Enrichment at Home

If you are preparing to do an at home summer enrichment program, there are many reasons available to help you. You can find homeschool materials at the library and online. These resources will help you make learning fun and make creating lessons easy. You should direct your activities towards the concepts that may have been challenging for your child while incorporating their hobbies and interests. You may choose to partner with other parents to collaborate with. They can help you come up with ideas that will keep your child engaged and focused.

Hire a Private Tutor

If you feel your child needs additional help, our online tutors can work one-on-one with them. Online tutoring is affordable and convenient making it a good option for even the busiest of families.

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