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Need Math Help? Catch Up and Learn for Understanding in our Brentwood Math Learning Center

Dec 3, 2019

Life has been hard for kids these last few months already, so the last thing they need is to also struggle in math. At Mathnasium, our students are not falling behind. They are continuing to move forward and make gains so that they are prepared when life returns to normal.

Although each child is different, we see a number of recurring trends with students who struggle with math. Homework time turns into a fight. They lose confidence. They start to hate math. Finally, they give up and often refuse to put in effort. We believe that happens because it is easier on their self-esteem than to put in their full effort only to feel defeated.

At Mathnasium, we can help online and in-center. Our tutors are knowledgeable, but they are also patient and kind. We will help with homework. We will help fill in the gaps that are making math a challenge in the first place. And, most importantly, we will help repair your child's confidence and self-esteem. All they need is the right work, the right person, and a chance to get a "win" in math and most students are usually off to the races.

We would love to have you in for a free assessment so we can learn more about your child and discuss how we can help.

Mathnasium of Brentwood is owned and operated by Alex Guppy, a Tennessee resident.


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If a student is missing key foundational math skills, it makes it very difficult to keep up in class. They feel confused and frustrated. Is it any wonder there is a fight to do homework? For many, it's easier to fight and not do the work than to put in the effort, only to see failure. 

Student's are not a commodity and we do not take a one-size fits all approach. We know your child is unique and they deserve a unique learning plan to address their personal math foundation gaps. Thanks to our comprehensive assessment, Mathnasium of Brentwood creates customized learning plans to address a student's personal points of frustration.  We then teach math in a way that makes sense to them. Working with our instructors on tutoring and homework help leads to greater confidence and abilities in math.

Our approach, the Mathnasium Method, pinpoints exactly what makes math difficult for students in elementary, middle and high school. Every day, struggling students attend Mathnasium of Brentwood to work with our expert math instructors.

At Mathnasium, we believe that every child has the ability to be successful in math. It’s just a matter of teaching math the way that makes sense to them. We’ll work with your child so they understand math and get on the path to improvement.

Our expert math staff has a passion for helping kids in Brentwood improve their skills and excel through our instructional programs. 

More About Mathnasium of Brentwood

Mathnasium of Brentwood, located near Publix in Maryland Farms, teaches math in a way that makes sense for students in elementary, middle and high school. Customized learning plans produce results for students seeking math enrichment, tutoring assistance to catch up, math homework help, and test prep for the SAT and ACT.

The Mathnasium curriculum and the Mathnasium Method combine to benefit students at all levels of their math education. The development of number sense leads to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, improved performance and greater confidence. This growth aids students in their classroom work, standardized tests, future education and career plans.