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Mathnasium@home - Month One Update

Apr 28, 2020

One Month Down
Lessons Learned and Best Practices
Hello, Mathnasium Family!
We hope this email finds you in good spirits and good health. Mathnasium@home continues to be a wonderful tool to keep our students learning and provide them with a sense of normalcy in these crazy times.
Now that we've been at this for a month, we've found the following practices to be most important for student learning, tech issues and scheduling. If you're not already doing some of these, give them a go to improve your student's learning experience and get the best value possible!
Home Learning Environments
Make sure your student has a productive, quiet and focused working environment. By the time you notice a distraction, they've already been off topic for five minutes.
We've seen students logging on with all kinds of backgrounds, noises, even pets! We get it, everyone is adapting to this new "login learning." Here are some things we recommend.
Best Practices for Home Learning:
  1. Remove distractions! Don't have loud conversations, phone calls, TV or music near your student while they're working.
  2. Students should sit at a desk, counter or table with an upright chair. No beds, couches or other super cozy spots.
  3. Have paper and a pencil for scratch work or long problems. Students shouldn't try writing long division with a mouse.
Technical Tips
Everyone has had to become an IT expert overnight. We all have a different home setup, so it's important to understand your own computer and network to avoid pitfalls.
No one can foresee every possible tech issue, but there are certain things you can do to avoid stumbling into trouble.
Home Computer Tips:
  1. Avoid straining your network. When possible, try to avoid multiple people streaming (Mathnasium, Zoom, Netflix, etc.) at the same time.
  2. Google Chrome is king. Other browsers are catching up, especially Mozilla Firefox. But for now, Chrome still avoids issues other browsers can't.
  3. Macs are cool, but problematic. They are sleek, powerful and great for design/production. But quick fixes on a PC can be big issues for a Mac. If you have the option, use a PC.
Don't Forget to Schedule
Scheduling is a big change, but it allows us to provide your student with better instruction and deliver consistent service to every Mathnasium family.
Remember to keep scheduling sessions for your student. As Social Distancing continues, it is likely we will be scheduling for a long time to control ratios and crowd size. These practices will keep it simply and easy.
Keep Scheduling Simple
  1. Use the Schedule tab on our website. Links to the online scheduler are posted to this tab (shown right), including a link to the classroom. You can bookmark the links for easy access!
  2. Schedule in advance. Student sessions can be booked up to 3 weeks out, and you can book multiple weeks at a time.
  3. Set weekly reminders. Use notifications to remind you to schedule your student's sessions at a convenient time each week. Book 1, 2, even 3 weeks ahead!
Cream of the Crop
If you ignore everything else, these are the most important takeaways.
  1. Give your student a quiet, productive place to work.
  2. Use Google Chrome, it just works.
  3. Schedule! Set a weekly reminder to book lessons (up to 3 weeks ahead).
Bookmark these Links
As time goes on, we'll keep learning new tricks and best practices which we'll pass along to you. Thank you for continuing to value student education throughout these turbulent times, and for trusting us to be a part of that journey.
Stay happy, stay healthy!
Drew, Wendy and Isaac Gehman