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Special Offers

 Act now and get a Free Skills Assessment and Lesson!


What do you get from the Skills Assessment?
  • A detailed breakdown of your student's math skills and learning patterns
  • A curriculum customized specifically to meet your student's learning goals
  • A tour of the program, online or in-center, and enrollment information


Free Assessment

How do we assess new students? 

We choose an assessment level based on your observations of your student's learning.  The assessments test a wide range of math skills across different question types, highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses.  These results help us generate a curriculum tailored specifically to your student's learning goals.  The results and curriculum are yours to keep at no charge and you will be welcomed back for a Free Trial Lesson, as well!  This is all at no charge and requires no commitment to enroll.

 How Does Mathnasium Compare?

  • Unlike other tutoring franchises:
    • We do not assign extra homework
    • Flexible scheduling 5 days a week
    • Customized curriculum plus homework help
    • No long-term commitments or financing obligations; month-by-month only
  • Unlike private tutors:
    • We supply all materials, tools and facilities
    • We are highly-trained in education and instruction, not just "good at math"
    • We have a large staff of instructors, accomodating every personality and learning style
  • Unlike school services:
    • No group or class instruction
    • No pressure, no timed tests and no anxiety-inducing exams
    • Does not remove your child from other classes for remediation


"Mathnasium has been a fantastic experience! My son has improved his grade not only in math but in all subjects."

S.D. July 2020, Brownsburg, IN