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Monthly Raffle

Mathnasuim Monthly Mastery Check Raffle!!


How to enter a ticket:

  • Complete and pass a Mastery Check
  • Bring in an “A” on a Math Test from school
  • Complete any Mathnasium assessment 
  • Submit a solution for the Problems of the Week


How to better your chance of winning:

There is no limit on how many tickets you can put in the raffle. Complete as many Mastery Checks as possible!


How the winner is chosen:

At the end of the month, one ticket will be randomly chosen from the box. The box will be emptied at the end of each month, and start over. 


Last Month - March

Winner: Claire Anderson (pictured above)

Prize: Walkie Talkies




 We will be closed on Sunday, April 16th.

However, the week leading up to Easter we will have plastic eggs hidden inside our Mathnasium. Inside these eggs are not candies, but instead math problems! Copy and solve the math problems for some sweet treats!