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 "My son completely enjoys coming to Mathnasium. We have tried Learning Rx and a math tutor with minimal results. The friendly and fun atmosphere have finally made learning math a positive experience! The teachers are great and Andrew, the owner, is always available and helpful. I recommend this place to any kid who is struggling with math!!" LM

"Our experience with Mathnasium of Buckhead has exceeded our expectations. I appreciate the convenience of dropping in when our schedule permits and not only does my daughter enjoy going to Mathnasium, we have seen positive changes in her confidence with math". -SN

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My child is already proficient in math. How can Mathnasium help us?

Because all of our programs are customized, we can provide higher-level challenges and opportunities for students who already excel in math. We keep kids of all levels engaged and stimulated, boosting their confidence and ability to understand more complex math topics. This continued education can allow for advanced math skills, and academic placement, later on.

My child used to have good math grades, but is now struggling and discouraged. What happened?

This happens quite often, where a child’s mathematical learning gaps go unnoticed and unaddressed for years. Many modern math classes rely on rote memorization, in order to pass tests and other assessments, failing to help students fully grasp math concepts. Some children have a surface-level understanding of mathematical principles that allow them to skate by for a while, but become lost once higher-level concepts are introduced. Often, students do not have a strong foundation in math, and an intuitive understanding of how these principles work, and begin to struggle later on in their schooling. Once children lose some of their confidence, the frustration and helplessness compound, creating an even more challenging learning environment that can prevent them from seeking the help they need to get back on track. 

Will working one-on-one with a tutor help?

There are some situations where a private math tutor might be helpful, but most often, this type of educational style is a temporary band-aid, where your child may benefit more from a long-term customized solution. Tutoring may help your child survive upcoming tests and schoolwork, but even great tutors lack the resources needed to help your child build their math foundation and ensure sustainable math success. For long-term, measurable improvement, your child needs continual assessments, personalized plans, and a supportive social atmosphere; this is the style we have created at Mathnasium. This environment fosters confidence and accountability, with instructors who build up math concepts in a safe, comfortable space. This method is the result of over 30 years of math education research, and can give your child lasting, meaningful improvements. 

How is Mathnasium different?

Our highly customized teaching style sets us apart, and we take the time to not just test your child’s skill level, but also talk to them to better understand how they think. This allows us to make personalized learning plans that enhance their innate abilities, and create an environment where they feel supported and encouraged. Our instructors form personal and academic bonds with our students, and are truly invested in their long-term success. We use both objective and subjective criteria to assess their needs and identify areas for improvement, regularly checking in to get a feel for their progress. Because children learn best in fun, safe environments, we pride ourselves on playful, engaging techniques like games, props, and other hands-on learning tools. The Mathnasium focus on mental math, critical thinking, and number sense creating real results in and out of the classroom. Parents whose children previously complained about math, often find those same children begging to go back to Mathnasium!

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