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 We offer year-round math instruction in elementary/middle school math, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and pre-calculus, as well as math homework help. We also offer summer programs and ACT Prep! 


 "My girl keeps telling me how much she loves going to the Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove, and I keep asking her WHY? She insists it helps her be better at math. According to her, now she knows that she did well on a test when she turns it in instead of when she gets her graded work back."  Lena Burkut, Way to Good Life



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Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is performing at or above grade level in math, will Mathnasium still be helpful?

Yes, of course!  At Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove, our tutors improve math skills by accommodating all students' needs, including those who are performing well in math. We create a unique plan for each student based on their individual assessment data.  Our approach uses customized instructional methods that will adapt to each child's needs and will allow for an adequate challenge for each student.

Previously, my child was performing well in math, but now is struggling and feels overwhelmed.  Is Mathnasium right for us?

Sadly, many families have experienced the same scenario.  Regular classroom environments typically focus on rote memorization of facts and strategies for standardized assessments, rather than building a solid foundation of math skills and concepts.  Over time, the lack of functional skills leads to bigger gaps in understanding, causing students to perform even more poorly and lose self-assurance regarding math.  As these deficiencies increase, your child will likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated and you will feel unsure of how to help.  Our team will build your child’s morale and make learning math more enjoyable for all.

Does your child struggle in math? Come to Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove and get your child help today!

Is individualized tutoring the solution to my child’s math needs?Perhaps some improvements, like increased test scores, may be noted with private math tutoring, but specific instruction focused on the root cause of your child’s math shortcomings is not expected.  Assessment preparedness and homework assistance can be accomplished by a tutor, but typically most aren’t trained to successfully instruct foundational math concepts and build your child’s confidence, while strengthening these skills.  Rather than focusing on the basics of memorization, Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove's tutors improve math skills by developing a complex knowledge of math.  We will fill gaps in learning, improve problem solving skills, and broaden number fluency.  All of this will prepare your child with the skills and knowledge needed to improve in math for today and tomorrow.

Why is Mathnasium the best choice for us?

If your child is falling behind in math give Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove a try.

Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove's mathematics tutors improve math skills by adding another dimension that will help your child soar with math. 

With our individualized needs assessment, successful instructional practices, and comfortable, welcoming learning environment, Mathnasium creates a setting that you won’t find anywhere else.  Your child is important to us and we focus on your child’s individual needs to create a personalized plan that addresses your child’s math competence and areas for improvement.

Our team often administers check-ins that provide concrete results, allowing your child to track improvements and build confidence at school and at home.  While collaborating with other children and supported by the expertise of our highly-qualified teachers, your child will feel confident throughout the learning process that leads toward lifelong math understanding.   We will equip your child with the knowledge, strategies, and reassurance needed to experience math success on all levels. 

If you are looking for math tutoring services in Buffalo Grove, give Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove a call today!

Do you desire for your child to improve math concepts and increase confidence?  Connect with Mathnasium of Buffalo Grove now to schedule your child’s free assessment so that we can determine the best course of action to get your child back on track. We offer math tutoring to students throughout the communities of Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills, and Wheeling. 


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Where are your child’s math skills?

Both you and your child can take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember! 

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Call Now (847) 777-1772 and Let's Get Started!




 We offer year-round math instruction in elementary/middle school math, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and pre-calculus, as well as math homework help. We also offer summer programs and ACT Prep! 



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