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Word Problem Wednesday: Weights, Measures, And A Very Heavy Snowman

Oct 17, 2018

🎵Do you want to build a snowman?🎶  Exactly how big (or heavy) a snowman do you think you could make? In this week’s word problem challenge, Anna wants her snowman to be made of three snowballs, each of different sizes. Can you use your elementa...

Word Problem Wednesday: Time Travel is Elementary When You Understand the Math

Oct 10, 2018

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”  ―Tennessee Williams Where—or rather, WHEN—would you go if you could travel through time? This week’s word problem challenge is all about time travel! Use your foundational and elementary leve...

Word Problem Wednesday: Multiplication, Division, and Homework Help

Sep 26, 2018

Now that school is back in session it’s time to think about studying, homework, and time management. Have you been doing your homework on a daily basis? Our friend Xander has been putting off his homework all week to do over the weekend. Can you u...

Word Problem Wednesday: Population and Percent In The Land of Oz

Sep 19, 2018

Would you ever want to live in Oz? We think it might be pretty interesting to land in this amazing, magical world! In this week’s word problem challenge, use your elementary school math skills such as addition, subtraction, division, fractions, an...

Word Problem Wednesday: Problem-Solving and Paranormal Activity

Sep 12, 2018

(Ghostbusters image courtesy of Columbia Pictures.) If there’s something strange in your neighborhood...who you gonna call? Mathnasium! There’s an answer for everything, and having a solid math foundation will help you find those answers ...

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