Why Math Skills Command Better Paying Jobs

Feb 24, 2022 | Barrhaven


Do math skills really matter later in life? They come in handy when your student needs to pass a test, but is there any other arena that calls for math skills? Good question. 

Let's look down the road of your child past elementary, secondary, and college education. If your child has developed math skills, they will have the definite upper hand when entering the workforce. Why? Because math skills command better paying jobs! Here's why:

80% of Fortune 500 companies use a tool called "Cognitive Ability Testing" to fine-tune their hiring process. According to opm.gov, "Cognitive ability tests assess a candidate's ability in reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem solving." 

Furthermore, "Math and numerical problem solving are part of most cognitive ability tests. This is partly because math problems aren’t simply measuring math skills; they’re also measuring critical thinking, problem-solving and logic." Michelle Silverstein, Criteria Blog.

As your child grows math skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and logic grow simultaneously. So, it's true that your child will use the skills developed in math class!

Mathnasium of Kanata knows how to give students real, working math skills. The kind that will be used right now in school, and again later as your child enters the workforce. Come see us at 62-B Stonehaven Dr. K2M2Y2 Kanata, ON. You can meet our Director, Alberto Carabarin and together we'll make a plan for your individual student. We can't wait to get your student on track for math success. Sign up now for a Free Assessment.