Mathlete of the Week - Week of July 7, 2019

Jul 11, 2019 | Bayview Sheppard

Wow! Some fabulous work yesterday from our student Samiya earned her the title of Mathlete of the Week!

Samiya has been attending Mathnasium of Bayview Sheppard for nearly 1 year. She started with a Grade 5 Mathnasium learning plan and after 7 weeks of lessons, Samiya improved 18% from her pre- to post-assessments, scoring an impressive 91% on her Grade 5 post-assessment.

She is currently enrolled in Bayview Sheppard's Summer Season Pass program and has been working ahead on Grade 7 concepts prior to attending Grade 7 in the fall.

Samiya has twin sisters who also attend Mathnasium. Great effort, Samiya!