Have Questions Regarding @Home? We've Got Answers!

Apr 12, 2020 | Brampton South
As current public health safety measures require a transition from in-centre to online live sessions there may be questions you or your child have, we have answers to some commonly asked questions below. 
Who are the @Home instructors?
  • The instructors for @Home are the same instructors that teach at our centre.
What will my student be working on during their session?
  • Students will continue onwards from where they left off in their last in-centre session. 
Do students still receive homework help?
  • If your student needs homework assistance, please ensure they have emailed a picture or PDF copy of it prior to their session so the instructor can have it loaded into the program. The email address is: bramptonsouthathome@mathnasium.ca


How do I book my student's sessions?

Can siblings schedule their sessions at the same time?
  • Yes! You can schedule sessions at the same time, we do recommend students use headphones if in the same room to prevent audio feedback. Please remember to use different email addresses when registering sibling accounts.
Does my student need to turn their microphone and camera on?
  • We recommend turning the camera and microphone on to ensure an interactive session similar to the experience they receive in centre.   


Will my student receive stars for their @Home work?
  • Yes! Students switching to @Home will continue to earn their stars for rewards
If you have any other questions of concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.