Remembering Einstein!

Nov 7, 2019 | Burlington

Remembering Einstein on the 100th year of his greatest achievement!

Albert Einstein’s famous theory of relativity wasn’t recognized or popular for a long time. He had  published it in 1916. 

But on November 6, 1919, British scientist Arthur Eddington made a presentation to the Royal Astronomical Society about a solar eclipse which confirmed Einstein's theories.

This suddenly put Albert Einstein in the limelight and his theory was acknowledged to be correct and now proved.

Albert Einstein is an inspiration today all over the world, to children learning math at school, or adults pursuing a career in mathematics. His brilliance is a reminder that a correct understanding of the meaning of math concepts is very important to performance in math classes at all levels and, according to researchers from Texas A&M University, to achievement in career fields that require any kind of mathematical skills.


As adults, we sometimes forget how easy it is for children to misunderstand the meanings of the mathematical symbols we take for granted. When teachers or local math tutors spend just a little bit of time ensuring that students have a solid understanding of these symbols, the effects can reach far into their academic and professional futures.

If you are unsure if your child is getting a good grasp of math concepts at school, give us a call at Mathnasium, where today ⁠— and every day ⁠— we’re changing lives through math!