The Importance of Math Education and How Mathnasium Can Help

Dec 9, 2022 | Cambridge

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for students, teachers, and parents alike. One of the biggest challenges has been the disruption to education, with many students missing out on critical instruction and support due to school closures and remote learning.


One subject that has been particularly impacted is math. A recent study found that students have lost an average of two years' worth of math learning due to the pandemic. This is a concerning trend, as math is a foundational subject that is critical for success in school and in many careers.

If your child has fallen behind in math, it is important to take action to help them catch up and keep up with their studies. One option to consider is enrolling them in a Mathnasium learning center.


At Mathnasium of Cambridge, we understand the importance of math education and are committed to helping students of all abilities improve their math skills. Our experienced instructors provide personalized instruction and support, using proven teaching methods and materials to help students build confidence and proficiency in math.


In addition to one-on-one instruction, Mathnasium of Cambridge offers a structured and focused learning environment that can help students stay engaged and motivated. Our centers also provide tailored lesson plans that are designed to meet each student's individual needs and goals.


Enrolling your child at Mathnasium of Cambridge center can help them catch up and excel in math, setting them up for success in school and beyond.