Team Teaching, Building confidence and Independence

Dec 23, 2021 | Carlington

Part of the mathnasium method is Team Teaching, where students get a mix of one-on-one attention and Independent learning time while interacting with multiple instructors during their sessions. By giving students the option to interact with several instructors throughout their session, it allows students to gain confidence and independence.

When a new topic is introduced, the instructor works one-on-one with the student to ensure that they comprehend the concept before asking them to try a few problems on their own. Students’ confidence in their own abilities grow as they see that they can solve the challenge on their own. At the same time, if a student encounters a stumbling block, our instructors are ready to step in and assist students in making the appropriate adjustments. We can ensure that students have thoroughly grasped new material while developing the confidence they need to perform independently at Mathnasium by the use of team teaching and providing students with some independence. 


We frequently hear students who are new to mathnasium say that they hate math. We believe that students do not hate math. Students Hate being annoyed and frustrated by their homework and classwork. Students may acquire a dislike for mathematics if they are having difficulty understanding a teacher’s explanation or are being limited by fundamental knowledge gaps from prior years. We expose students to different instructors through Team Teaching to ensure that they receive an explanation that “clicks” with them. At Mathnasium, we believe in “Teach kids math in a way that makes sense to them”.


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