Is Your Childs Report Card a Cause for Concern?

Feb 17, 2022 | Carlington

All parents want to see their children excel, especially in school. While some kids are great at motivating themselves, others can need a push to get caught up or a little extra help to succeed. Report card time can highlight these issues.

Fortunately, this round of report cards doesn’t arrive at a make-or-break moment. There is still plenty of time to raise those math scores and get your child’s marks up before the final report cards at the end of the school year during this school year.

Sure, you’ve been helping your child with their homework and watching them study before quizzes, tests and exams, but when you’re putting in the effort but not seeing the math grades you expect on report cards, then maybe it’s time to get some extra help.

After a quick scan of your child’s report card, it should be easy to tell whether they need some extra help in math. It’s all about the grades. The grades on your child’s report card are an easy way to see if your straight-A student is suddenly earning Bs or if your child is struggling and needs help.

Reinforcing your child’s marks, you should also assess your child’s enthusiasm for math. When children are young, they’re full of enthusiasm for school, including math. Learning how to count, use money and tell time is fun; when you notice that enthusiasm slipping, this is a sign that something is wrong.

If your child has lost interest, this may indicate that they need help or are bored. While a math tutor can certainly help your child gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed, a tutor can also make math more interesting. Math tutors benefit in a variety of ways and are not only for students who need academic help. They can provide the extra challenges a bored student needs to stay interested and on track.

Speaking with your child’s teacher is another excellent way to gain insight into your child’s relationship with math. The teacher needs to know your perspective, especially if your child has recently lost interest. Starting a dialogue with the teacher can help you identify the best way to help your child succeed.

Due to the linear nature of math, it is critical that you get your child the help they need sooner than later. Next year’s math curriculum will build upon this year’s lessons. If your child cannot master a particular skill this year, they will have difficulty building on top of that skill next year.

Delaying getting your child the help they need risks them falling further behind. It will also impact their confidence, which is essential to their learning ability.

Exploring the idea of a math tutor is easier than you think. A partner in your child’s education, enlisting the services of a math tutor can make all the difference in their ability to learn and be successful in school. To learn more about professional math tutoring in Ottawa, reach out to Mathnasium Carlington for a FREE Trial or make an appointment for your Risk-Free Assessment now!