Problem of the Week (Feb 4-Feb 8)

Feb 3, 2019 | Country Hills

Grade 1-3:

Question: An octopus lives in an underwater garden that is shaped like a rectangle. The fence around the garden is 7 metres on the long sides and 5 metres on the short sides. Draw a picture of the garden on graph paper. How many 1-metre squares are in the octopus’s garden, and how many metres of fence go around it?

Grade 4-6:

Question: John has a manuscript that is 1040 pages long. If it took him 2 years to write, then how many pages did John write per week on average?  (Hint: There are 52 weeks in a year.)

Grade 7-9:

Question: A blackbird starts singing in the middle of the night, exactly between sunset and sunrise. If the sun sets at 5:37 pm and rises at 6:47 am, then at what time of night does the blackbird sing?

Grade 10-12:

Question: There is a hole in Paul’s ceiling where rain drips in at a rate of 15 millilitres per minute. As Paul fixes the hole, the rain that gets through decreases linearly. It takes him 2 minutes and 36 seconds to complete the task. How much rain gets in as Paul fixes the hole?  (Hint: Graph the decreasing rate of dripping rain in terms of time. What shape is formed under the graph?)

Mimi's Question:

Alyvia and Beatrice just became friends with Candace and they want to know when her birthday is.  Candace gives them a list of 10 possible dates: May 15, 16, 19 June 17, 18 July 14, 16 or August 14, 15, 17.  Candace then tells Alyvia the month of her birth and Beatrice the day of her birth. 

Alyvia says "I don't know when Candace's birthday is but I know that Beatrice doesn't know either".

Beatrice says "At first I don't know when Candace's birthday is but I know now".

Alyvia says "Then I also know when Candace's birthday is".

So when is Candace's birthday?