Problem of the Week (Feb 11-Feb 15)

Feb 11, 2019 | Country Hills

Happy Sunday everyone!  Here are the problems of the week from your favourite math tutoring centre in Calgary!  If you are enrolled with me remember to have your answer submitted by February 17th.  All correct entries will be entered into a draw to win a prize.  Try and stay warm this week!

Grade 1-3:

Question: Joel takes a train from Rockville Centre to Montauk. The train is scheduled to leave Rockville Centre at 1:30 pm and arrive in Montauk at 4:45 pm. If the train leaves on time and the trip takes 3 hours and 22 minutes, then how late or early is Joel when he reaches Montauk?

Grade 4-6:

Question: Stan is running a computer program to scan all the memory on a computer. When the program is ¾ done with its scan, it has 12 minutes left to run. How long does it take the computer program to scan the computer in total?

Grade 7-9:

Question: Mary is mailing a number of cassette tapes. She buys a large roll of bubble wrap for $12.00 and a large box of envelopes for $8.00 to package the tapes—enough for however many tapes she ships. It costs $2.50 to ship each one. Write an expression to represent the total cost to ship all the tapes in terms of T, the number of tapes Mary ships.

Grade 10-12:

Question: Clementine dyes her hair a different colour every month. The colours she chooses between are blue, red, green, and orange. How many different combinations of colours are there that Clementine could dye her hair month to month for a year?