Problem of the Week (Feb 18-Feb 22)

Feb 17, 2019 | Country Hills

Happy Sunday everyone!  Here comes another round of problems of the week from your favourite math tutoring centre in Calgary!  Students, please remember to have your answers in to me by Sunday February 24th.  Try to stay warm again this week and remember we are closed Monday February 18th for Family Day.

Grade 1-3:

Question: Derek has won 3 awards. Hansel has won 1 award. What fraction of all the awards did Derek win?

Grade 4-6:

Question: Gasoline costs $1.15 per litre. If a car’s gas tank holds 55 litres in total and is only 1/5 full right now, then how much will it cost to fill up the tank?

Grade 7-9:

Question: An ant is 1/6 of a centimetre tall. A middle school student is 11/5 metres tall. The student goes to a learning centre that is 18 metres tall. If we scale by height, then how tall would a learning centre for ants be? 

Grade 10-12:

Question: A man throws a computer off of a platform straight to the ground. It falls 5 metres and hits the ground in 1/2 of a second. Consider this equation for vertical distance travelled in terms of initial velocity, time, and acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/second2):

(distance) = (initial velocity)(time) – (acceleration due to gravity)(time)2

What is the initial velocity of the computer?

(Hint: The computer is travelling straight down, so the distance it travels is -5 metres in this instance.)