Problem of the Week (April 15-19)

Apr 16, 2019 | Country Hills

Here is the problem of the week for April 15-19.  Sorry it is late!

Grade 1-3:

Question:  Olivia had an excellent fishing day. She caught 4 snappers, 6 mackerels, 1 grouper, and 1 soggy boot. She threw half the snappers and half the mackerels back into the ocean. How many fish did she take home?

Grade 4-6:

Question:  Harvey goes to a theme park where tokens cost 75 cents. A roller coaster ride costs 2 tokens. A ride on the Ferris wheel costs 3 tokens. Harvey rides the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel 7 times each. How much did Harvey spend on rides?

Grade 7-9:

Question:  One out of every 250,000 alligators is born white. If there are an estimated 1,750,000 alligators in the state of Florida, how many of them are likely to be white?

Grade 10-12:

Question:  It costs $20 to rent a jet ski, plus $1.50 for each hour of use, plus the cost of gas. James rents a jet ski for 2 hours. He uses 2 ½ litres of gas, which costs 89.9¢ per litre. Write an expression to find the total cost of the rental. How much did the jet ski rental cost altogether?

Have a great week!