In-Centre Instruction is re-opening soon!

Jun 11, 2020 | Downsview
Great news! We’re pleased to share that our centre will re-open for in-person instruction on Jul 2nd, 2020. We can’t wait to see our students again! Students will have the option to learn in the centre or continue online with Mathnasium@home — whichever option works best for your family.
As always, your child’s well-being is our top priority. In the interest of everyone’s safety, we are limiting the number of students who can attend the centre at any one time so that we can observe social distancing guidelines. As such, in-centre sessions need to be scheduled through our booking link.
As part of the same safety precautions, the parent area will be closed until further notice. After each session, an instructor will accompany your child outside to meet you while maintaining social distancing rules.
We are also implementing a comprehensive disinfection and protection protocol to make sure that all surfaces are clean and disinfected.
Our centre has implemented the following new safety measures:
  • Cough and Sneeze guard placed on each instruction table
  • Posters have been placed in the washrooms with hand washing reminders.
  • Instructors will no longer shake hands with students or give them high-fives.
  • Each student will be given their own pencil to use, which they can keep in their binder.
  • Two High quality Air Purifiers will be installed in centre over this weekend. The tower air purifier is complete air cleansing system that provides multiple levels of cleaning, including captures up to 99.99% of airborne particles such as dust mites, debris, mould spores, as well as a UV-C lamp to enhance germ-killing.
Our new safety protocol will require every student who attends our centre to:
  • have their temperature checked before entering.
  • wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival and before they leave.
  • cooperate with social distancing rules at the tables.
We’re so glad that you’re a part of our Mathnasium community and are looking forward to seeing you soon, either online or in person. Kindly reach out to us with any questions. Whenever you'd like your child to join us for in-centre sessions, please let us know.

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