Plus One

Apr 10, 2019 | Hamilton Mountain

Plus One

(Numerical Fluency Card Game)



Recommended grade: SK+


Suggested Number of Players: 1-4 plus a Facilitator


Materials & Setup: One deck of Mathnasium playing cards


How to Play

1. Facilitator deals a card face up and asks “<Number on the card> plus one equals what?”

2. Player who replies first claims the card and wins the round

3. The game is played until no cards left in the deck

4. Player who collects the most cards wins the game


Educational goal

Fluency in addition



  • Once “Plus One” game has been mastered, play “Plus Two”, “Plus Three”, and so on all the way to “Plus Nine” games.


Math can be hard and boring,
we make it fun and engaging!


A student can get a deck of Mathnasium cards
at our Centre as a reward for taking a free assessment.
You can book the assessment here.

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