Test Advice from Emily

Nov 7, 2020 | Hamilton Mountain

We asked our instructors what advice they have for studying and test taking so we could share their wisdom with you. Here is Emily's advice:


  • Use cue cards for formulas and key terms.
  • Study a bit every night rather than for hours the night before.
  • Re-do all homework questions.
  • Study right before you go to sleep so you retain the information overnight.
  • Take small breaks every once in a while.


Test Taking:

  • Stay calm and don’t panic when you get stuck on a question.
  • Skip a question if you don’t know how to solve it right away.
  • Show all your work and your whole thought process.
  • If you have extra time after finishing, use that time to check over your work.
  • Write down what you know from looking at the question or highlight important information.