Mathnasium Offers A Helping Hand To Homeschoolers

Mar 3, 2021 | Kelowna

Homeschooling has definitely grown in popularity over the last decade. The Center For Education Statistics reported that in the 2011-2012 school year, 3% of the school-aged population were homeschooled. Just 9 years later, that number jumped to 9%!

Looks like more and more parents are ready to try a new approach to their student's education. However, homeschooling your child's math is easier said than done. One homeschooling mom named Amy, said:

"When you think about homeschool math time, what words come to mind? Words like misery, panic, and stress might rise up like bile." (Especially if those parents didn't like learning math themselves.)

So how can homeschooling parents get quality math education for their students without losing their minds? (This seems urgent....:)

A popular blogger, Rock Your Homeschool, has some advice: "There are situations where you might not have the time, energy, or attention span to fully meet your kid's homeschool math needs. Instead of adding stress to your homeschool, consider outsourcing homeschool math time."

"Outsourcing home school math is a very smart and positive choice. If you are unsure of your own math knowledge, have multiple kids to teach, or limited time due to busy schedules, outsourcing homeschool math will be doing you and your student a great service. "

At Mathnasium of Langley BC, we are eager to meet your student at their level of math understanding. We offer a comprehensive math assessment to reveal any holes in your student's math foundation. We build individualized lesson plans to fill in those holes and continue to grow with new concepts and styles of math. Our qualified Mathnasium instructors are specially-trained to help with early elementary math all the way up to high school math. Wherever your student is on their math journey, we can help them grow further with added confidence and success. 

A Mathnasium parent, Carolyn Linson says, "My daughter has been coming for about 6 months now and we have seen A LOT of improvement in her math skills. The tutors are friendly, encouraging, and always willing to help her with problem areas."

Are you ready to outsource some stress off of your shoulders? Mathnasium of Langley BC is ready to help you today!